Retiring to Ecuador!

Meet my lovely friend Christy Kennedy, who retired a couple of years ago and made the move from the USA to Ecuador with her husband, joining a growing movement of retiree expats worldwide…

Remember, all of these Vilcabamba Videos were filmed at the end of Feb/start of March 2020!

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All love,
Angela. xxx

Please Help Us Reach Our Fundraising Goal Before Wednesday!


I am thrilled to say that we are now more than half-way towards our fundraising goal to purchase a new industrial sewing machine and serger for our Days for Girls Ecuador group!

There’s £1,405 already raised of our £2,500 goal as I write this – hurray!

We now have 3 more days to reach our goal before the end of October…if you have not already, would you consider contributing to our campaign?

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…and if you have already sent us a donation, thank you so much!

I work here alongside a group of local women who sew and distribute reusable cloth menstrual pads and also provide education for women and girls in areas where they may otherwise not have healthy solutions for managing their menstruation.

Days for Girls is an international charity, working in 141 countries worldwide and we are very proud and excited to be the first official Days for Girls enterprise in the whole of South America!

You can watch our one minute introduction video at this GoFundMe link to learn more about the origins of our group and outreach work:

Please consider donating to this campaign to help us achieve our goals – every little helps!

Sharing this campaign on social media or with your contacts would also be very much appreciated.

Thank you so much for your support!
Angela. xxx

P.S. I know that many people find it confusing that the currency for this campaign is British Pounds rather than US Dollars, which is the currency in Ecuador…this is an unfortunate quirk of the GoFundMe platform…as I’m registered in the UK, it ties the campaign to there and forces everything into Pounds – apologies for any confusion!