Days for Girls Ecuador Update from the Amazon!

As many of you know, I’ve been assisting with the profound work of Days for Girls Ecuador for the last 3 years, bringing reusable, washable menstrual solutions to women and girls all over Ecuador.

Recently we have been able to do some cloth menstrual pad distributions in very remote areas of the Amazon and other far-flung regions…it is so rewarding to bring these pads to women and girls who truly value them, in regions where there are often few options and girls frequently miss days at school to sit at home during their periods…

A local teacher informed us that she would often find girls absent from classes, so she tried to get help from the local government; she was given regular disposable pads to pass to the girls – enough so that each girl received *one* disposable pad…!

I think we can safely assume that receiving these reusable cloth pads now from Days for Girls is literally a life-changing improvement for these girls! We are so grateful to be able to help them…

Photos here are from recent distributions to the Cofán de Sinangoa, Kushiruna, Lumbaquí, La Bonita and Sapara communities.

Imbabura Project!
We currently have a request for help from a group of around 400 women and girls in the Imbabura indigenous region in Northern Ecuador. We would love to reach them with cloth menstrual pad supplies before the end of this year and could use your help to reach our goal of $5000; please consider a donation towards this project, however small – every little helps!

You can donate to our project to help support our continued work – it is fast, easy and secure!

Many thanks, muchas gracias!
Angela. xxx


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