107 thoughts on “Welcome to Glow With Grace :)

  1. Thank you Angela. Your authentic Voice is beautiful. I’m delighted to be joining in this new Journey with you….I feel excited in anticipation of all you might share.

  2. You are an amazing & beautiful soul Angela. What a gift it is for everyone to receive this sharing of your wisdom, experience and creativity. Thank you πŸ™‚

  3. …………..How Can YOU be Nervous to be Doing Video……….YOU, and for the past Year, Oria,
    are ALWAYS on Video that Matt Takes………Guess it’s Because it’s SomeThing That’s *Just* Yours, and Matt Won’t Be There with You???……….You’re FINE…….I Don’t Have a Baby, and Don’t Plan to Have One, but I’m Going to Watch and Listen Just the Same Angela…………… :)(: ……………………

  4. Mmmm you surely do glow with grace m’love…it’ been a joy being able to witness your first year of conscious mothering…I always shared with you and everyone what an epic journey it truly is and you are travelling this sacred path with such beauty, grace and wisdom…Oria is the sweetest little berry ever…how blessed you all are.

    Landon and Liam are both teens now- Liam just turned 13 and Landon is in highschool as of this year…! Everyone says they are the most loving, fun, happy, solid kids ever and our experience at home is pure joy as they laugh from morning to night and those unschooling years and our High-Raw diet/lifestyle has been beyond brilliant…the word grace feels so real.

    So although I am not in the lullabye stage obviously anymore, it still warms my heart to watch you and Matt as the inspiring glowing parents you are. I love your new project and will share it with my community.

    with moonglow and applecheeks,
    I could be persuaded to sing one of your lullabyes x

  5. Angela, lust keep going and leave any misgivings behind because you clearly have a world of fans behind you! You’ve been a consciously magnificent mother for this past year, so anything you share with others will be helpful. It’s about giving women permission to do what they know is right for their infants and children–breastfeeding, co-sleeping, attachment parenting, and answering every child’s need so each grows up satisfied rather than still trying to fulfill unmet needs–and about teaching those who don’t yet know a better way! You give me hope for the world!

  6. Hi Angela! I have met you both in Ojai long ago, and any way now I have a daughter , Kachiri, who is 9 and one half months. I am heading toward becoming a raw vegan, however my husband is a junkfood-a-tarian, I desparately want him to stop for the sake of our daughter Kachiri. I do not want her to ever have sugar or meat, as I was raised without those things by my parents, do you have any suggestions, on how I can help him change? He is really the sweetest , kindest man that I have ever known and this is obviously why I married him…………
    p.s. I have applied for a customer care position with zack wood over in ojai, with your company, I have offered to work for company credit so that we can afford raw food. I really hope I get the job. πŸ™‚
    p.p.s. you are a wonderful mother! I had a home birth, but with mid wives… πŸ™‚ it was not lotus. I had to consume my placenta afterwards because I was so weak, I was not nearly as healthy as you , but hope to have a raw pregnancy next time!

    1. My kids are teenagers, so I may not follow Angela’s vlog as closely as I would otherwise. I wish I had access to such a wonderful resource, starting way before my first pregnancy! There are so many things I would have done differently!

      Your concerns about your sweet husband’s habits struck a major chord with me, Andrea. My children’s father grew up with very unhealthy habits, but he happily accepted my encouragement to improve them a bit, in the years before our babies came; for example, he was proud that he actually enjoyed broccoli at dinner, after growing up on no other vegetables than corn or green beans.

      I was pleased to have had that positive impact on his health. However, once I became pregnant, I realized that I had been holding back my own desires for a much more healthy and enlightened lifestyle – the kinds of things I desperately wanted for my children. When our baby son developed colic and mild food allergies, I went into full swing, researching health and wellness. Formerly a vegetarian, I wanted to go back to that, for myself and my child. I was happy to eliminate dairy and wheat, in solidarity with his needs.

      However, my husband balked. He felt pushed to make wayyy more changes than he could tolerate. On the other hand, I felt like all of my research and efforts were undermined by his insistence on having things like wheat bread, meat, cheese, and cow’s milk in our refrigerator, and even eating them in front of our son. There were a host of other, similar issues, that hopefully you don’t have; but that was a major reason for our marriage ending.

      As a single dad, my ex has taught the kids to relish any kind of meat and dairy. He stocks up on sausages, potato chips and 12 packs of soda for all outdoor excursions – things the kids also beg me to buy. I often hear that “there’s never anything good to eat” in my home. When my son went to live with his dad for 3 years, he became alarmingly fat for awhile. He lives with me now, he exercises a lot, and he’s slim – but, like his dad, and much to my dismay, he smokes! You can imagine that this has been a source of great anguish for me!

      I presume your husband is not nearly as opposed to change as my ex, and will be happy to alter his habits with some gentle persuasion on your part. Nevertheless, as I look back on my own family’s experience, I wonder if it wouldn’t have been better, if I had just chosen to simply be the example of what I believed in, instead of pushing to get my children’s father to come on board. Perhaps if I had chosen that path, my kids would live in a home with both parents, instead of currently sharing their distant dad with his new girlfriend and her kids.

      As it stands, my own boyfriend and I model whole-foods vegetarianism. Meanwhile, I buy my kids a certain amount of meat and dairy, still trying to keep their diet as whole foods and organic as possible. Who knows, maybe they will chose to go raw and vegan when they are older :))

      Angela is extremely lucky to be bearing children with such a compatible husband – I would have LOVED to have raised my children just like Oria! – but not all of us are in a duplicate situation. In some cases, it might be best, especially for our children, for us to just let go and accept what we’ve got, and create our own happiness within that. Free advice… worth the price? Blessings to you and your family… here’s hoping that your problems resolve themselves more easily than did mine.

  7. Thank you, Angela. You and Matt are so awesome to share all this with us. I can’t wait to see more. Congratulations. You go girl!

  8. I’m thrilled to hear more from you, you have an unique perspective. My daughter has autism and we are successfully recovering her using healthy, organic foods and supplements. I would love to hear more about why you chose Equador, and how different it is from other places you’ve lived. Looking forward to further vlogs!

  9. What a wonderful idea Angela! I look forward to watching this community grow, and to learning more about all the amazing things you are doing. All the best.

  10. This is so cool…my “baby” is 16 now but I talk to my daughter about your parenting blogs to interest her so that when she has children she will have a better grasp and am excited for me and her to learn more since we can all use this information

  11. Congratulations Angela. I’m so happy that a vlog like this is now available to parents of young children and babies. My 3 children are teens and nearly teen, but I wholeheartedly support you. Some topics you might want to include in future vlogs could include skin care during pregnancy, maintaining intimacy with your partner i.e. sex after birthing your baby, explaining your parenting lifestyle to grandparents and other family and first food choices when introducing solid foods for the first time. I could go on and on. I’m sure you have hundreds of ideas. Thank you, love and blessings to you all.

  12. Hi Angela,
    What a wonderful progression I was hoping you would “grace ” us with your motherly experiences . It’s just the most unbelievable experience in the world isn’t it !
    I have been gifted with three beautiful souls one girl and two boys . What a joy !
    To be realistic though it is not always easy to be “graceful ” Every day . We homeschool and it’s an amazing journey , however , I do look forward to being inspired by you as this can be and, i will confess , an exhausting ride as well when you are trying to raise others to have grace too !! and you are sometimes so tired you are struggling to have it yourself .
    I am so happy you will be on our screens with honesty and inspiration
    Love and Mangoes
    Phoenix H

  13. What a beautiful spirit!
    I’m all done raising my kids (22 & 27) and now feel very drawn to watching you. Enjoy the wonder years they go by so very quickly.
    Glow with Grace is the perfect name for a light of your caliber!
    Love to all the Monarch’s
    πŸ™‚ MommaJo

  14. Hello Angela
    Very amazing I am very interest in hearing more about your experiences with the whole journey of being pregnant and how it works with Oria been diaper free?
    I am a Spiritual Adoula or Dreamwalker Birth Facilitator.
    Blessings with Love, Grand Angel

  15. Yay! I’m excited to learn all you have to share on conscious parenting. For, whenever I am ready to be a mom I know I’ll be looking to the path you have laid before me for inspiration and reassurance. Thank you for your journey and your insight and all you continue to gift to the world!

  16. Angela, I feel such a kindred bond, especially listening to you talk about breastfeeding. My little boy Rokas is 18 months old and STILL primarily breastfeeds. He did not eat a lot of solids until he was about 15 months, and even now, he certainly asks for me before he asks for food, although I also know when he would rather have solids than breastmilk. Very interesting journey for sure, and such a beautiful healing to all of my own misgivings when I hear you speak about what you are doing.

    You probably know how much time it takes to parent, so you are well aware of the limited amount of time that we have to sit in front of the computer and watch or type. Matt asked about what we would like to see more of…I would like to see and hear about diaper free living, not just how wonderful it is but the trials and how you deal with them (ie, going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, timing). I would love to see the signals that Oria gives when she is ready to go.

    I am so excited to hear you talk about lullabies. I have been singing to my little boy more than speaking for the pregnancy and since his birth. As such, he sings more than speak, which I feel is having a huge impact on his ability to communicate his feelings and intentions. Very interesting. I practice Music Learning Theory, http://www.giml.org. It is a research based early chlidhood music curriculum that is all about creating an environment with a rich music “vocabulary.” I will send a few music examples to the Raw Food World email, maybe you will catch them and have a listen. They are beautiful, short, word-free songs that really pique the interest of baby’s sponge-brain. They are very different from what they are used to hearing, so it very interesting to them. And to us, but…you shall see what I mean. πŸ™‚

    I am also becoming very interested in “Educaring,” I wonder if you have heard of it? I think of it as the ultimate in toddle unschooling, would love to hear your take on it.

    Take care, looking forward to hearing about your journey,


  17. HI. My baby is due in middle of next week.. I am having some difficulties so the baby cannot come at home.. I got your book couple months ago and I have taken good bit out of it.. I am about 70% raw.. Still eat a lot of crap (well, many people say I am very healthy eater, but a big part plays money and organic food availability around here..).. But I just did not want to switch while I was pregnant, as it involves detox that may harm the baby.. So, I think your Vblog is a very good idea how to share your experience and show other people that such natural upbringing is possible and even better than what we know now! I am really conscious of the vaccines and other crap they want us to give our kids.. But we all know what is behind it, right? Looking forward to your videos! Good luck

  18. You do “glow with grace”. I’m so excited for this new vlog & thank you for sharing this new journey with all of us. πŸ™‚ By the way, where did you get the sling you & Matt wear for Oria??? I saw it on the video where you all went to the dreadful market. I NEED one!!! Thank you & I so look forward to watching all your videos. ❀ ~Dawnie

  19. Hi Angela!
    My name is Tammy and I’m a first time mommy of a now almost 10-month old…his name is Mason:) Thank you so much for putting yourself out there!! I love the name of Glow With Grace….that is exactly how I’ve been feeling as a mom…thank God for grace:))) And I must say you are definitely glowing mom!
    Thanks again and please let me know if you’re ever looking for help to spread the word….I’m doin it from my end:)
    Much love and gratitude,
    Tammy & Mason

  20. Awesome start on your new vlog, Angela. Thank you! My kids are teenagers, but hopefully I can steer them towards you, if and when they become parents themselves. I wish I’d had this resource before I became pregnant, myself, years ago! πŸ™‚

  21. Beautiful project. So excited to hear all that you have to share. Being a mother of 5 children here with me and 4 saints in heaven, I look forward to living mommyhood with you through your vlogs.
    All the best with your project.
    Grace–without it there is no life in the soul. Powerful title for your vlog page. May your glow be so bright that it enlightens those most in need to your messages. You can help a great deal of people who otherwise would never have been able to learn your wisdom and insights.
    Thank you for you!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  22. Dear Angela,
    I’m so excited for you and this new project. I am also a first time mom of a one year old. It has been amazing. I do have one question. I have had a terrible time producing enough breast milk as a 100 percent raw foodie. I like I have tried everything. Any suggestions?

  23. Seems to me beautiful Angela that you are in the right place and the right time doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. I know Glowing with Grace will be a huge success and help a lot of parents, not to mention the fortunate little beings that they will be raising. Am in my early 60’s and I can’t wait to hear your lullabyes! With love and every best wish for your success. Anna K

  24. Starting is the hardest part…and you did it!!! As they say here in New Zealand, Good on ya mate! It is because of you and Matt that I started eating raw foods and may be moving to Ecuador. I know you will be a beautiful beacon for parents, so for now I’ll simply say congratulations on stepping out and leading with grace. Hugs!

  25. Hi Angela
    This is so wonderful- I am excited for you.I look forward to watching and learning from you in this forum. ‘Glow With Grace’ has the most beautiful sound to it, and I’m sure it will be just that πŸ™‚

  26. What a beautiful being and soul you are and what you have to share is not only important but revolutionary to the world at large. As a healer, therapist and researcher in consciousness for 30 years I have witnessed so much suffering due to trauma caused in the birth process and the first year of a baby’s life. Your message will go far and wide beyond the raw food world, Thank you so much and what an advocate for grace and love you are.So shinning, sweet and inspiring..Mahalo nui loa

  27. Hi Angela,I would love to see how you prepare raw food, and get some hints and ideas for menus I could encorporate into my home life for my two kids age 6 and 10. Niki

  28. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this–it will help so many people! We need your voice and experience. I have a 4-month-old HIGH-NEEDS baby, and it has been soooooo difficult. I can barely put him down from morning till night. I’m so exhausted, physically and emotionally. I am eager to hear what NVC is all about because I have felt so many negative emotions bubble up that I WISH weren’t there, especially when I am in the presence of my sweet little one. Some things I would LOVE for you to talk about:
    – Handling OUR emotions when we are tired/frustrated
    – Will every mistake traumatize our babies?
    – Eventually, it is possible to spoil a child (though probably not my 4-month-old!)–when does this become a concern and where do we draw the line at loving and over-indulging??
    – How can we make it possible for our children to be in touch with nature when we live in a cold climate? (for me, the Pacific Northwest, US) Do I worry too much about the fact that he’s indoors 90% of the time–is this something I should be concerned about?
    – How do we balance the fact that we DO live in a modern so-called civilized world yet don’t want our kids to be, basically, influenced by it at all! How do we protect them while still teaching them how to get by? (I know you live in Ecuador, but maybe you can offer advice for us city-dwellers?)

    THANK YOU!! Can’t wait for the next video!


  29. I loved your first vlog post. You did amazing! Keep it up because I know you inspire many people my dear. You are definitely a beacon and I cannot wait to see the next post you do. Good luck (though I know you do not need it!)

  30. Hi Angela. I’m really inspired by you and Matt. Thanks for putting yourself out there in the world. What a fabulous new initiative. I look forward to following it. My daughter Kira turns 8 on Nov 20th too! She was adopted from China and we are adopting a little girl, Nisha, here in Mauritius where we currently live. She will be 3 in March. So I couldn’t control early vaccinations, etc but since the adoptions we follow attachment parenting, co sleeping, unschooling, healthy eating (still up and down with the raw), and no more vaccinations. Can’t find an enema bag here so having my mother-in-law send one from the UK. Especially looking forward to hearing more about NVC. Good luck and can’t wait to see and hear more. With much love from Mauritius, Lisa

  31. Thank you for doing this Angela. I have a 7 month old girl and you have already helped me so much with her by following whats been happening with Oria.
    I would love to hear about practical things like baby wearing when your baby gets heavier and how you are going with day sleeps.
    I also have a 3 year old and I feel like I have made so many mistakes with her. I had not even heard of attachment parenting when I had her.
    Emergency caesarian and separation at birth, didn’t cosleep, dad let her cry to sleep in her pram on walks and more. I would like to know if there are techniques to help a child let go of any anger and fear that would have come from the above.
    Thanks again Angela, you are an amazing and inspirational woman.

  32. Not knowing much about non violent communication. I was interested in what it was and looked it up. Wow, I just spent 3 hours listening to a Marshall Rosenberg and I am can’t wait to learn and practice more. I see how this can be transforming . Thank you for bringing this to me.

  33. So wonderful to see you with your own blog space! πŸ™‚

    I love the lullaby idea. I share an interest in creating new songs, stories and art for children that are positive/uplifting and help us connect as families and communities. ❀

    Thanks for putting yourself out there. Your efforts are appreciated. ❀

  34. Great job Angela! Although my children are all grown and my first great-grandchild was just born two weeks ago, I will avidly follow your vlog. I had five of my six children in a home-birth which was considered very archaic so there was not a whole lot of support back then. I came up with a lot of those same ten questions after my first homebirth so kudos to you for sharing them. Sandra

  35. I look forward to what you have to share with all of us. You never fail to lift my spirts, specially when I need it the most. Thank You so much for being willing to share a part of your life in this very personal way.


  36. Firstly, I am really happy you made this blog!
    You look amazing too, btw. Very radiant. πŸ˜€
    I love how peaceful and relaxing you are in the videos; complete serenity and peace!
    Also, your friend makes complete sense about the comments/house rules thing. I’ve never thought of it before, but I agree!
    I look forward to this journey with you and your family. Also, I know being a bit nervous happens when we do something new, but I think you will do an amazing job with the vlogs. So far so good!

  37. Dear Angela, I watched your introduction to “Glow with Grace” yesterday and it made me giggle. I am 34, got married in 2009 and had a baby girl in 2011… I love hearing what you are sharing. Listening to the “10 things…” I would like to add: Not only in the first weeks does a mother need support … my daughter is 15 months now and I am still so exhausted I often don’t know how to survive the day plus I have realized I do need time for myself and my creative projects.
    What I would be interested in: Our daughter keeps going from sickness to sickness (colds and flus mainly), and we are not the only parents experiencing this. Doctors have the opinion that this is “normal” …. but I cannot believe that. She is not vaccinated, I still breastfeed, though she does eat lots of solid foods and most of it is not raw. I am thinking of getting her on a raw diet, but don’t know where to start (we do give her smoothies, which she likes).
    And: What should a breastfeeding mother eat? We have introduced more raw stuff into our diet but I don’t see how 100% raw would work? I feel like I need “more”, and the preparation seems to take so much time that I don’t have. I would love to hear how your typical daily diet looks like and how you practically manage it…
    Then: NVC. I have been taking classes and using it in my life since 2006, and I was thrilled to hear you use it as self-inquiry mainly. I think this is actually the best way to use it!
    Love and looking forward to hearing more from you! Kendra

  38. Hi Angela,

    You look amazing, and in my opinion are glowing so that we all can see, thank you for that :).

    It will be awesome to learn more about the non violent communication techniques in practice. Is there a way that you can “catch” a situation on tape to share. I find that I learn easiest by visualization, and am hoping that since you want to share your experiences with it, that there can be an example – even if it is between adults.

    A great concern of mine about South America in general are the parasites that lives in your fresh water. How do you manage with such issues since you are gardening/swimming etc… How about malaria/yellow fever and all those scary illnesses?

    Thank you for sharing, I have found Mr Monarch’s videos entertaining and very helpful over the past year or more. You always manage to put a smile on my face.:)

    In gratitude,

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