Lullaby: The Cradle Song

My first lullaby video: The Cradle Song. Enjoy 🙂

Cradle Song:
This bed is too small for my tiredness,
Bring me a hilltop with trees.

Tuck a cloud up under my chin,
Goddess blow the moon out, please.

Rock me to sleep in a cradle of dreams,
Soften my sadness with leaves.

Tuck a cloud up under my chin,
Goddess blow the moon out, please.


42 thoughts on “Lullaby: The Cradle Song

  1. Encore! Encore! Merci Angela.

    I make up my songs for the kids, using their names and singing praises or blessings heehee.
    Sometimes when I’d nurse and because I’d have 3 to 6 kids in the background and I couldn’t talk too loud while my baby was nursing in peace, and I didn’t want to upset her digestive system, so I’d sing softly to the other kids something similar to: “Michael, Sammy, you won’t want me to talk to you after the nursing, and let you know how I don’t appreciate your noises, so please be kind and lOOOOOving, let’s fill the room with happiness and quietness, thannnnk YOUU”. 😉

    My husband had sang them a weird song once “ashes, ashes, they all fall down!” and because I didn’t learn some in my natural language (French), I started asking about the meaning, and my husband and I found that a bunch of the old kid’s songs are really satires/stories from historical events, and some are really not edifying or good at all (mockeries, sad lyrics, violent lyrics etc..).

    Anyhow, merci and let us hear your jolie voice!

  2. I love it! I think it is wonderful that you are sharing your beautiful voice and some sweet songs with us. I agree that many lullabies are a little bit odd in the wording. I love thinking about the hillside covered with trees and the moon for a pillow. Thank you Angela sweetie!

  3. Beautiful song, thank you! I was in the same position, of looking for songs that felt good to me for my baby, and at that time I could not find any.. I ended up by finding tunes that I and my son liked and either sing them without words, either making new words for them..:-)

    If you have more, maybe an album is in order?;-)
    Or maybe two: one with children songs with “feel good energy” lyrics? I live in Holland and here is a real “craze” about children songs (it is not my original country so I could sense the difference) but most of them have really strange (some disturbingly strange) words to them.. As my son is learning English also, I would like to be able to give him the possibility to learn beautiful songs with beautiful words..

    Thanks again! I love your new adventure, this website:-)

  4. Hi Angela
    thank you very much for these beautiful lullaby. I like how it has a folk feel to it and you can almost imagine people around a fire, one by one more and more people are joining in. I love it! It makes you feel and be with the amazing moment as your baby’ gently lulls to sleep.

    I sing Swiss songs to my boy because I find the ‘traditional’ lullabies quite harsh and lack in emotion and feeling…

    Thanks again looking forward to the next one…

  5. tender voice lady grace! thank you for sharing. how about some lullaby’s in spanish for those of us that speak spanish. one of my favorites is Las Mananitas. more like a birthday song, i suppose, we’d sing to each other in mexico.

  6. I am 63 yo and remember a sog my father used to sing to me as he scratched my back to sleep. It goes like this……..

    Bye Bye teddybear
    Bye Bye teddybear
    Good night teddybear
    Bye Bye teddybear.

    Simple lyrics. But my kids remember it as I sang it to them and they love to sing it to their kids.
    Wish I could give you an idea of the tune

  7. Wow! What a beautiful voice you have Angela! If I could return to infant-hood, I would love to have such a sweet voice singing to me. Oria is so blessed to have you as her mom.

  8. Angela, this was truly beautiful; your voice resonates with both clarity and depth. YOU are beautiful. I hope that you will put together a collection of lullabies and offer (via iTunes?) to the public. As a new grandmother, I purchased a “music for babies” series These are supposedly “smart” CD’s whose music can entrain the little one’s brain to become sleepy, peaceful, cheerful or playful. (And, I found the “peaceful baby” collection fairly effective.) I would LOVE to purchase a CD set that incorporated your voice and gentleness with some of this technology. (See also the Mozart effect.)

    As a child, my mother sang “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” to me EVERY night, adding in my name, i.e. “he saw little Linda all nighty-nite.” This was the lullaby of choice for my kids, too (always incorporating their names into the song.)

    As Oria gets a little older, I hope that you also consider a collection of fun songs (Mares Eat Oats is another favorite that my mother sang and right in line with the vegan lifestyle!) and then also a collection of learning songs (when my daughter went to Montessori school many years ago, they taught almost everything by putting it to music…it was incredibly effective…)

    I look forward to your next one….

  9. ………………..The More You Sing the Better, More Melodic it Your Voice Becomes……..and I am Very Tired and Ill Today………..If I Was Lying in Bed in the Dark…….I Probably Would’ve Fallen Asleep……….. Thanks Angela………… :)(: ………….

  10. Loved that – thank you. Soon as I played it on my computer then sang along by the second time through, my little James just became still and was obviously enjoying it. Yes meloncholly but sooo sweet too 😀 Beautiful voice you have too! I also sing Sinead O’Connors, “My Darling Child’ to my son a lot and have done since pregnancy. It’s a lovely easy one to remember, nice loving lyrics and you could change wherever she sings, ‘boy’ to, ‘girl’ if you wanted. It’s on Youtube 🙂 Look forward to future Grace emails xx

  11. you have an amazingly beautiful, pure, deep, full-of-love voice. no wonder why Oria chose you as her mother.
    god bless you for teaching the mothers all over the world – you couldn’t no anything more important like that.
    i’m lucky because i grew up in a culture full of breathtakingly beautiful folk songs, prayers, really old, meaningful lullabies – i wish i could teach the Hungarian mothers one day, like you teach those, who has English as mother language.

  12. Very beautiful Angela. Please do more singing for us. You have an amazing gift. I closed my eyes and listened to your beautiful voice. A smile of pure joy spread across my face and my heart resonated like it never has before. God bless xxx

  13. Your voice along with this magical lullaby filled me with joy to the point where I began joining you in song on the third time around. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to more times of hearing your beautiful musical artistry.

  14. rock a bye baby in the treetop, when the wind blows the cradle will rock, when the bough breaks the cradle will fall, AND MOMMY WILL CATCH YOU CRADLE AND ALL…
    there was an old woman who lived in the moon
    she made some macaroons but cut em too soon
    she made some macaroons but cut em too soon
    they fell to our planet and we call it snow

    when her little girl saw what her mommy had done
    she cried and made faces that clouded the sun
    she cried and she cried but her tears fell in vain
    tears fell to our planet and we call it rain

    now when the man in the moon who had been off to town
    saw his little girl crying it caused him to frown
    so he picked some nice mangoes and brought them to dine
    smiles fell to our planet, we call it sunshine

  15. Also, a song that I listened to (and sung) everyday in my pregnancy (not so much after, but it still qualifies) is psalm 23.. It’s religious (and I am not so) but it has a wonderful sound line and I am sure it would sound wonderful with your voice.. well done, those hours of singing with your teacher:-)
    here the link to psalm 23, the way I used to listen to:

  16. Soooooo healing for me and my adopted little petal. Can’t wait for your next lullaby precious Mama!
    This is a 2 Christmas traditonal Spanish songs I grew up with. My Mamita would tweak the song a bit and replace baby Jesus with my name I now replace it with my juju’s name.
    Ya viene el Ninito

    Ya viene mi ninito jugando entre flores y los pajaritos le cantan amores
    here comes my little boy playing amongst flowers as the little birds sing love songs to him.
    Ya se despertaron los pobres pastores y le van llevando pajitas y flores
    now the humble shepherds have awoken and are bringing him hay and flowers
    Pachamamacita llavaba, Tayta lo tendia
    Pachamamacita washed, Tayta hung it to dry
    Pachamamacita llora a el las ternuras
    Pachamamacita cries tenderness to him
    Ya nomás se caen todas las estrellas
    Now all the stars are falling A los pies del niño, más lindo que ellas
    At my baby’s feet, he’s more beautiful than them all
    Niñito bonito, manojo de flores My beautiful little boy, like a posy of flowers Llora mi bebito por los apenados your tears my baby are for the sad ones
    Dulce Solsito Mio

    Dulce Solsito mio, mi nino adorado
    Dulce Solsito mio, mi nino adorado
    Sweet Sol of mine, my adored little boy
    Sweet Sol of mine, my adored little boy
    Rompe a los cielos ninito, frota por el campo
    Rompe a los cielos ninito, frota por el campo
    Break through the clouds my little boyand run through the fields
    Break through the clouds my little boy so we can see you
    Venga a nuestras almas ninito por que te veamos
    Venga a nuestras almas ninito por que te veamos
    Touch our souls my little boy so we can see you
    Touch our souls my little boy so we can see you

  17. beautiful! thanks so much for sharing- i am always on the lookout for lullabies too! this one is perfect- i don’t really know of any other wonderful lullabies right off hand, so thanks for the inquiry as well- but i have added a verse to this one! 🙂 i love singing this to my son as we go to sleep!

    wash through my soul like a soft, gentle rain
    fill me with joy and with peace
    tuck a cloud up under my chin
    goddess blow the moon out, please

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