Q&A: Babywearing, Unassisted Birth, Enemas and What We Eat!

My first Q and A video for GlowWithGrace 😉 I answer Qs on Babywearing, Breastfeeding, Enemas, Unassisted Birth, What We Eat and much more…


Thanks 🙂

All love,
Angela. xxx

18 thoughts on “Q&A: Babywearing, Unassisted Birth, Enemas and What We Eat!

  1. Hi Angela
    great video-very informative. I had this query that popped into my head as you were addressing the choline issue. What about Vitamins A and K2? I understand that converting beat carotene into Vit. A is very difficult, my naturopath said actually it doesn’t happen at all, you can forget about getting Vit A from plant foods and pro formed Vit. A comes in animal foods-K2 is also difficult from K1 (which you can get from plant based foods).
    And are you planning to raise Oria raw vegan, or is it something that you will see how it goes?
    You and Mr.Monarch clearly appear to be ‘success stories’ for this way of eating, I hear so many people do not thrive and run into dire health deficiencies. Perhaps you could address this in a future video, but what I can see is that conviction in both of you, that it is totally right for you to eat this way, that facilitates your thriving health-Most of us (maybe?) would have blood tests to gauge where we’re at, is this something you and Mr.M do?
    thanks again, for your openness and letting people into your lives.

  2. ………..Great that You’re Sharing ALL this info…………alot of it Today was NOT about Babies [Oria]……..like food you and Matt eat on a Daily basis……I’m Going to Watch it AGAIN at a later date because to REALLY get Something/ info…………..You Have to Read/ Watch at least 2 or more times…….for ME at Least…………….. 🙂 (: ……………………………………

  3. Thanks for all of the information thus far. However. What vitamins & supplements to do take now & what Age would you suggest a woman not to seek pregnancy?

    • Children still love to be held even if they are walking. I have an almost 2 year old, we still carry her in the Ergo very often, she is free to get out if she wants to and walk. They often love to be close (in arms) and slowly slowly they go further and further from you…or they love to explore with you.

  4. Hello Angela,

    Thanks so much for the great information! I really appreciate your honesty and openness. The timing is perfect, as I was seeking information on some of the topics you discussed. All the best to you and your family!

  5. I know you guys always talk about doing enemas and colon cleansing. I don’t know the first thing about how to actually do an enema. Is there an instructional video or something to help with someone who doesn’t know where to begin.

  6. Angela, My cousin makes adjustable, reversible slings from home and she will make them from any fabric you choose (you can even pick it out and mail it to her). They are VERY sturdy and you can wear your child hands free through 3 years old. They are great for newborns and nursing with privacy all the way through just holding the baby on your hip for you so you can get stuff done, shop, garden, or whatever! I LOVE MINE! She has 9 children and I have 3 (4th on the way) and it is so much better than the wrap because of how hot it is. Anyways, if you are interested please email her and she can give you the details. GinaFR@aol.com

  7. Hi Angela, maybe you can talk about your experience with breastfeeding Oria? I think you mentioned having difficulties in the beginning – how did you cope with it?
    Thank you!

  8. I know you probably have a million questions to answer but, I was wondering what your thoughts were on hazelwood and Baltic amber necklaces/bracelets, for mom and baby. Have you personally tried either of them? I’m looking for an honest review on their therapeutic properties. Thanks! ❤

  9. Hello, thank you for the video. I have a question about teething and fevers. My daughter gets a fever every time she is cutting a tooth and she spends the night just crying and miserable, We’ve tried all homeopathic options, but nothing works, so we’ve ended up giving her the smallest dose possible of tylenol or ibPROFEN. We’ve also done the bath option, amber necklace, nursing, lots of liquid, and everything else. What suggestions do you have (if any) for these fevers? Thank you!

  10. I LOVE this new project. You are so wonderful, Angela! I’m so glad you and your family are spreading this vital information to the world! You are such an inspiration!!!

    Question: I’m starting to do enemas and you mentioned that you don’t do coffee enemas. I have read some good things about them, so I’m just curious what your take is on the whole coffee enema thing! Thanks so much!

  11. Hi everyone,
    I just want to mention in regards to childbirth: humans have the largest head to woman’s pelvis (meaning the pelvic bones) ratio of any animal. This means animals DO seem to have an easy time of birthing for good reason–their pelvises are at least as big as the baby animal’s head, and some are even bigger, with room to SPARE for the baby animal’s head as it passes through.

    For humans, our heads are much bigger. The baby’s head bones actually get pushed together and the head has to mold in order for it to pass through the woman’s pelvis. While childbirth is relatively easy for many women, I don’t think we should all assume it should necessarily be easy for everyone and wonder what was “wrong” for those whom childbirth takes more time or effort. And it definitely shouldn’t be something any woman should feel bad about. Having assistance from a doula and/or midwife for emotional and physical comfort and encouragement is helpful and wonderful for many of us. I know Angela has not said anything against assisted birth; I am just addressing the viewers 🙂

  12. I am really enjoying your videos please please can you tell me what you use instead of wifi or broadband as my husband dosn’t believe its possible to get a good internet connection with out wifi. I am very concerned about wifi in our house but need to find a good alternative and I’m not at all technically minded! He will not buy any emr protective things because he dosn’t believe it actually does anything! Do you have a ‘dial up’ connection? I don’t think we can get that anymore in the UK.

    Also please can you do a video on your thoughts on going 80-100% raw while breastfeeding. I have been eating a ‘paleo/primal’ type diet for many years – no processed foods, sugars or grains, but I am interested in going raw for a while (feeling I need to detox) but I’m still breastfeeding my 3 year old son as I’m child led weaning and my daughter weaned at nearly 9 years old so it will be a while before I stop! I would love to know if you think it would be safe to go nearly if not 100% raw while breastfeeding an older child. Thanks… I really look forward to your videos. Love from snowy and cold England…

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