1000 Subscribers – Giveaway!

YAAAAY, today we’re celebrating 1000 subscribers to GlowWithGrace on YouTube 🙂 THANKS everyone 🙂

I’m giving away 2 free copies of my ebook “A Gentle Start” in celebration – one to the 1000th subscriber and one in a giveaway today…see the video below to find out how to enter…


THANKS again everyone for your interest and support 🙂

All love,
Angela. xxx

11 thoughts on “1000 Subscribers – Giveaway!

  1. Dear Angela, Matt and of course Miss Oria Berry!

    Thank you so much for all you do to help us Grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.

    The kindest thing I have witnessed lately was a lady and her teenaged daughter were out. the teenager acted like a teenager and spoke unkindly to her mom, and those nearby overheard. Instead of responding in kind, this mom, with cheeks blushing from the outburst, gently spoke to her daughter, Instead of screaming or being rude to the girl, the mom displayed such grace. even though she was embarrassed by what her daughter said, she responded so kindly to her girl. this had an amazing effect on all of us, and the daughter. At first you could hear her gasp, then a tear started to fall and she apologized to her mom. it is beautiful to see people treat those closest to them as kindly as they treat strangers. A stranger bumps into you, you say “Oh no, my fault, no problem.” Your loved one bumps into you and it is “HEY watch where you are going!” in an angry tone. Should not be so! Love to all

  2. The kindest thing I saw recently was a video called Kony 2012. A man named Jason Russell made this video to make the world aware of the horrors that Joseph Kony commits, in and near Uganda. I was touched at Mr. Russell’s concern and the fact that he has SO impacted this cause, that didn’t even really impact him, since he lived here in the states. But he cared enough to MAKE something happen. WOW!

    Thank you, to you and Matt for sharing your health knowledge with everyone.

  3. The kindest thing I have seen or heard recently….. I see a lot of kind acts every day. I work in an office, but a lot of my co-workers are animal rescue workers. We blast emails to everyone we know that loves dogs… It turns into a team of loving souls all focused on the same goal – to help another living Spirit in need. All these people who work long hours, have large dog families of their own (myself included) 🙂 and still find the time to try and save innocent victims that have lost their families for reasons unknown to them… they dont understand. And yet… an animal that may have been through so much… KNOWS you are working to help them, and return the greatest kindness of all – pure love and joy just seeing you.. it lifts your heart and spirit right up to the sky. There are many other selfless Spirits out there… always with a kind word, loving hand, or words to those in need. There is no kinder act than to give selflessly…. If everyone would just pay this forward, the world would be a much better place. 😀 I love your site! I am new to all this…. loving it!!!

  4. I was bemoaning the many things on my to do list to a girlfreind and she said “how about I come over tomorrow and we bring out and decorate your house for Christmas?” I said “OK!” It was not the time I would have chosen, but I pulled it all out and she came as she said and we just chatted with Christmas music playing all the while in the back and by the end of the day I had finished up what we started! Done! -all thanks to the kindness of my freind who gave up her own day to help me!

  5. The kindest thing I saw someone do recently was help the person in the check-out line in front of them when they were a little short on having enough cash to pay for their purchase.

  6. The kindest thing I experienced recently was my co-worker going out of her way to provide Thanksgiving dinner to my family ,because financially we were in no position to buy food ,let alone a turkey.She has contacted the local places and went herself and picked up 4 boxes of food for us .We are not alone in this world ,I was so happy someone cared for me and my kids expecting nothing in return .God bless my friend and co-werker .

  7. My father-in-law….the sweetest, kindest pastor I know, picks up my 4 small children ever Friday morning and takes them to the store to buy ingredients before taking them back to his house to make them a special breakfast. Last week, while he was in the check out line, he realized he didn’t have his wallet on him (he thought it was in the car.) He started to get ready to go back out to the car with the children to get the wallet when he was told that the groceries were already paid for. An older woman had watched him with the children and wanted to spare him the trouble of going out to the car so she paid for his purchases. My father in law was so surprised and got choked up by her kind deed. It turned out, his wallet wasn’t in the car after all either!

  8. The kindest thing I did was someone I knew whom is in earlier dementia roaming in an area that they should not have been and I stopped to take them home. An another thing was that a member of public was purchasing something in the grocery store sitting in a wheel chair with both legs amputated looking for change to purchase an item in which I paid it for them. These are the things that MY GOD teaches me daily. “THE BEST WAY TO CHEER YOURSELF UP IS TO CHEER UP SOMEBODY ELSE. ” Give, and it shall b given unto you Luke 6:38

  9. The kindest thing I saw in very cold below zero temperatures.A gentleman took off his coat( which appeared new.)and put on the shoulders of an homeless person.The gentleman was left with a sweater.

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