Garden Update!

Today we planted a mass of new seeds in spirals in the garden here in Ecuador and mulched everything with local peanut shells 🙂 ENJOY 🙂


All love,
Angela. xxx

5 thoughts on “Garden Update!

  1. You lucky girl! Having so much good and clean food right in your garden! What a beautiful place! Looking forward to the follow up video. I wish we all had access to clean food. I just watched a video where several ppl in a TV studio (in the US) yelled at each other about GMO foods, one of them saying sarcastically “let’s trust the corporations to put people’s health above profit”.

  2. It’s so lovely Angela! Thanks for sharing your outside “pantry” lol. I also like seeing your people helpers. When I see this video, I enjoy it, and I was wondering if you’d consider some day making a whole set of vids (however long it might take) with your whole garden, with your animals, etc…. It would be very enjoyable. How many acres do you have? We have 5 acres in GA. 4 acres of woods, but we have managed to open it up a little bit.
    Thanks for sharing your life, it’s encouraging. 😀 Blessings to you and family (and the people you have over your land).

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