My Top 10 Parenting Book Choices!

Today I speak abt my top ten favourite books for pregnancy/birth/early parenting (and beyond…) – enjoy 🙂


All love,
Angela. xxx

11 thoughts on “My Top 10 Parenting Book Choices!

  1. Funny, form the first 10 the books you mentioned, the one I knew well and only one I already have home was “what mothers do”, the one you said is not so known..:-).. I’ve read it a year after birth and I kiinda sighed in relief, because indeed, like she says in the subtitle, when you are a (new) mother entire days and weeks seem to be flying without you “doing anything” – but that “nothing” is caring for every move and sound of the baby and is more important than anything in the whole wide world. I was glad that someone said it in print.. 🙂

    “The continuum concept”, I’ve read that one, too, a few times actually, before and after birth. Something that stayed with me was how many projections we have on what “danger” is in this “western” world.. She was saying about the children in the village she was visiting, they played together from tender ages (under a year old) together in the middle of the village. There was a big hole in the ground there and as the author (Jean Liedlof) was watching the children play (with her “western” educated eye) she thought she had to protect all these children that “do not know” from falling into that big hole in the ground. She even spoke to the medicine man in the village about it and he advised her to not “help” them but just to watch and try not to project any “danger” on them with her thoughts. As it turned out none of the children ever fell in that hole, no matter how young, because they had a sharp sense of what was good for them, and children have an innate “living” (as opposed to surviving) tendency. Also, all the villagers had trust in that innate sense of the children, so it never occurred to the “grown ups” that the children might fall and injure themselves that way.
    If we (as a parents but also as adults around children) do not influence the children energetically with our learned BS.. (sorry), they are able to totally listen to themselves and keep themselves safe..I see this almost every day in my son and mostly I can control my thoughts (it’s a continuous lesson) and trust his ability to keep himself safe (obviously, this does not relate to throwing him in the middle of a street full of driving cars and expecting him to survive!!!). Also, to my disappointment (in myself), the one time I could not stop myself thinking that something he was doing was “very dangerous” (he was 11 month, just started walking, he came onto a slope and I was two steps behind..). He fell ahead (which resulted in issues with his teeth) and this moment will follow me forever. I am better every day at not projecting anything on him but it is actually an every day every moment choice I make as I am more and more cleaning myself energetically, emotionally and psychically.. People say that “children fall” and there is “nothing” we can do about it but in this case it was crystal clear to me that it was totally my doing, thoughts and energy that made him fall..He is also very influenced by other people’s thoughts and this is something that I cannot help at the moment (as we still live in the western society and most people are just not educated to make better choices for themselves). It is a blessing that you, Angela, and your family live in such a great environment. And I admire you and Mr. Monarch for being so strong and following your bliss to this enchanted land where you are now.

    good for you for the shameless plug:-)

    and thank you:-)

  2. The one book I’ve recommended from my pre-children research is: Right From the Start.
    This was 1977. I guess I need to read it again and see if it’s still relevant. What I remember is the concept of not raising boys as macho boys nor girls as frilly sillies. Consequently, my girls received balls, tinker toys, etc. as gifts.

  3. Hi – Thank you so much for this video and all of the ones before. Angela, you really inspire me. Your dedication, commitment & presence that you bring to parenting is so refreshing! I really enjoyed your parenting book list. The one that has really helped me significantly is the “Listening to Children” Booklet Series from Patty Wipfler from Hand in Hand Parenting. The booklets are an easy read and so wonderfully written. If you haven’t read them yet, I would love to hear your thoughts on them at some point. Unfortunately, word hasn’t spread enough yet about the author’s work but in my opinion, it is really revolutionary. Much love & joy for your parenting journey! Heidrun

  4. Great video and wonderful recommendations, I’ve been looking for another one to read! I just finished another fantastic parenting book I’d like to pass along called “Teaching Kids to Be Good People” by Annie Fox, M.Ed. You can check her and the book out on the website It’s a wonderful read and I’d recommend it to anyone. Thanks again for the post!

  5. Thank you Angela. There is another book that I read that is wonderful for parents. It is called The Gift by Hannah Pilnick. I highly recomand it. Let me know what you think if you read it.
    Orit Sharon.

  6. That was a great list! I would love to hear what youve been reading lately. My daughter was born around the same time as Oria so i love following you guys. Everytime i read/watch your blogs i instantly become grounded. I wanted to say a bit more on Raising our children, Raising ourselves i grew up in a typical mainstream family and this book is so helpful in teaching me how to stop yourself before reacting with ‘mainstream- unconscious, selfish’ behaviour and to really ask yourself what kind of parent you want to be and is that really what you think or how you want to react. It was such a great teacher i highly recommend it if your trying to change your unconscious behaviour/parenting.

  7. Thanks for sharing this list with us. I have all the books you mention except the ‘momma zen’ one so i’m going to check that one out! Instead I have ‘buddism for mothers’ but i’ve only flicked through it due to reading other things!
    I am still trying to figure out after nearly 10 years of ‘attachment parenting’ what my thoughts are about how to ‘discipline’, I’ve read Naomi Aldort and although i liked her ideas her methods really didn’t work for my daughter’s personality. I’ve read other books and other theories on ‘gentle discpline’ and I’m still trying to figure out whats the best method as I have 2 very strong willed children with high sensitivity and very intense personalities.
    I was brought up in a typical conventional english childhood and I often find myself saying or doing things my mother did with me (sometimes I just am not senstive to my children and its straight from my own childhood!) I catch myself sometimes and think how can I do this differently? – but its usually after I’ve said or done it!

    Anglea you seem to be reading and researching about parenting as I have done too. I would love to know if your own upbringing influences your parenting in any way – for good or bad? Are you concious of differences and how do you feel about it?
    Becoming a mother for me brought up so many ‘issues’ about my own childhood. It still evolving for me, as its on going as my children grow up and I also learn more about myself and my own childhood through my childrens, but my parents are also very very close to my own children and they are a big part of our life. Its a strange situation and one I would love to try and feel more at peace with and acceptance of as my parents just didn’t think about how to parent in the same way I do. MY mum always says, ‘I didn’t have the internet to find out all these things!’ Also she was influenced by her own mother and society of the time. She can’t believe i’ve got my library of parenting books! It would be great if you could do a video on this topic – mother’s and their mother’s!!
    I’m off to check out again some of the books you’ve mentioned that i’ve forgotton about….

  8. angela you are so inspiring thank you for sharing all this information with us, the other book i red which i found was great was the aware baby.

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