Q&A: Colonics vs. Enemas, Breastfeeding Issues, Cradle Cap, Teething and more…!

Today I answer more of your Qs… ๐Ÿ™‚
(In the video I mention making a home colonic unit – these are the people to contact: http://woodhygienicinstitute.com and http://www.canalrubber.com for extra tubing – enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


All love,
Angela. xxx

17 thoughts on “Q&A: Colonics vs. Enemas, Breastfeeding Issues, Cradle Cap, Teething and more…!

  1. thanks again for putting this up and for the links. Where I live at the moment (Holland) the colonies are really really expensive!! I just had some 6 sessions the last two month and it seems like I already payed for a colonics at home..:-) which I knew this before:-) (a session is here 110 euro’s, like 140$ or something?)
    love and light to you guys

      • Hi Anonymous,
        sorry but no, I haven’t found any source of colonics units yet in Europe, but I must admit that I did not really look for it very much until now, as I do not yet have a space for it.. What I reacted to in Angela’s message was on one side, the links she provided and the prices she talked about – which I have already exceeded with my treatment by a colonics clinic..

  2. oh and I forgot to say..:-) Yes, definitely excruciating pain, too, while the first two three month of breastfeeding.. people used to tell me, breast-feeding must give you, as a mom, pleasure… I was thinking: whaaat??? Did not see it happening.. after 3 years we are still breast-feeding so yes, I am happy to say that while it does not give me pleasure sensations, it is the most beautiful thing in the world.

  3. Hi Angela, thank you…this was really interesting. Although hearing about the pain with breastfeeding sounds kind of scary. Do you know of any women who did not have these problems?
    How did you build your own colonic unit? I think Matt said in one video that he would be sharing the instructions for that. Maybe he would still like to do that? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What do you mean when you say Oria is not interested in amber necklaces? I don’t think they are meant to be put in the mouth. What I’ve read is that the warmth of the skin releases the natural oils in the amber and trace amounts of succinic acid (the pain killer.) Thanks for sharing about the chamomile oil, I’ll definitely be giving that a try with my Rowan. Love this vlog! Keep ’em coming! Blessings!

  5. Hi Angela, I enjoy your videos and want to ask you about calcium supplements. Do you take any calcium supplements and if not, how do you get your daily calcium? I have tried many types of calcium supplements, which irritates my stomach. Thanks you in advance for you reply.

  6. How do you explain all these problems while having a “pure” diet ? Infections for instance ? Many women in the world eating “normally”, having several children breastfeed their children all over the day without any pain or discomfort ? Don’t you think that a so “pure” diet weakens the body ? That the intestines are so “pure” that you should live in an aseptic bubble to be safe ?

    • Actually, these are very common issues that almost all women go through who start breastfeeding their first child. It doesn’t have anything to do with diet. The nipples have to get used to being sucked on so forcefully. After a few days to a few weeks, all the women I know were fine. I don’t know of anyone who had the same problems with their second child. Angela expained it really well in the video, I think.

    • Based on my personal experienced, I’m not convinced that the diet directly affects the nipple issue. I’ve nursed my 7 children, some longer than others, and on different regimes. My first 4 children were painless as far as nursing goes. My first born was not complicated as she slept a lot, and therefore I nursed little in the beginning.

      I could be wrong, yet from my personal understanding Yamina, I assume Angela allows Oria on the breast for the time the child needs. Sometimes, as a mother, to allow this time (which could me really longer than the average 20-30 minutes time we’re trained to provide), it can create more sensitivity on the nipple, regardless of the diet. I say so because, as I matured to being more maternal as I had more children, my nipples became more sensitive.

      I remember my 6th child, and the painnnnn. I had chosen to buy what I called “sheep sweat/oil”, or lanolin, but without added anything, I would rub this on my nipples and just add a cold cabbage leaf on my breasts and it would help with the pain, and prep me for the next nursing.
      The lanolin didn’t smell heavenly but it didn’t interfere with the nursing, and it was soooo healing.

      Also, through the last 16 years of having children and nursing, I have had gained weight and also lost tremendous amount of it, I don’t know if this could also have played into the sensitivity compared to my first children, where my skin was less stretchy, as to now where I have all over beautiful marks from caring these lights (children), but also from my ignorance in my own diets and overindulging. Maybe this could have played into. I’m not sure.

      I’d like to challenge you if you don’t mind regarding the term “pure” or “normal” eating. I don’t know your background, if you have ever spend time to observe or analyzed different cultures, but as I live in the United States, and am French Native of origin and have a wide interest in different cultures, I’d like to suggest for you to consider checking out what defines a “pure” or “normal” diet/regime.

      When we chose (me included, and am guilty from times to time) to believe there is “one” way to eat, we often make ourselves ignorant to the so many many many different cultures and ways out there. What is considered normal in the western cultures are not viewed as normal in other cultures. We are so different around the globe. There are many cultures that mostly feed on plant based regimes, and some mostly on meat, or some mostly cooked, and yet, the women have nursed their kids for generations with or without sensitivities issues. So many things can play into what happens to our bodies.

      I do understand though your very genuine questions and your inquisitive mind. These questions you have posed have been also questions I’ve had personal, wondering about allowing myself to have a regime that is cleaner than the average chemical loaded diet, and that perhaps I might also become more sensitive because of not being able to cope as well with the aggressive chemical world outside my kitchen.

      Yet from personal reasearch (and live experiences), I’ve concluded that each personal and different diet has a gain and a loss. We all as individual end up having a responsibility to what we choose. I rather choose to eat with easier digeastable and mostly plant based raw foods, yet I am more sensitive when I walk into a commun store and smell the detergent or the perfumes. In contrast to eating like my peers, and ending up with coughing, flus, cold, sneezing, cramps, constipation, and fever, I chose my ways of eating sensibly, and deal with few sensitivities when I am in situations such as commun store etc…

      Overall, as we search our own path, it is good to stay curious, and to ask questions and seek answers, as it allows us to be a critical thinker rather than just defining ourselves by following everybody without knowing or understanding the reasons for our own choices.

      I hope that my words are not cutting or putting down, but rather that they give a bit of a different perpective and maybe also provide an answer to you or those who search.

      In the mean time, many blessings, and keep asking until you find the answers to your heart. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. HI another great and informative video – thanks for the info re endomeitriosis I have minimal endo so just a few patches of it but its still a pain and i’m always looking for more info. Its an auto immune disease which for me I know is linked to my refined carb food addiction (sugar and white flour) due to candida/gut disbiosis from my childhood, teens and 20’s. Its got alot better since I went grainfree and changed my diet to ‘primal’ a few years ago, but I still have signs of candida (crave natural sweet foods) and I still have period pain and PMS and I would love to see if going 100% raw for a while would finally clear this up for good. Please Please can you give your thoughts about detoxing (or going raw 100%) while still breastfeeding (even if its an older child). I’m breastfeeding my 3 year old and have been thinking of going raw to detox but I’m worried about the toxins going into the milk and then my 3 year old getting them and suffering! I’m probably going to be breastfeeding for a few more years as my daughter weaned 2 weeks before she was 9 years old but I’m desperate to try and go raw. Is there anything I can do that will minimise the affects of my detox upon him? Although i’m determined to continue to breastfeed to full term I also have to address my own health – what’s the right balance?
    I have an enema kit but i’m scared to do it on myself! Colonics are great because I’d prefer to have someone else do it for me! but as you say so expensive here in the UK so I can only get one done occasionally.

    Also how much time do you spend on the internet? I really worry about how much time I spend on computer reading and researching stuff! How do you connect to the internet if you don’t have WIFI broadband? We just can’t get a good signal for youtube etc without this connection and I hate to have it in the house.

    I have heard many theories about Cradle cap. Both my children have had a little bit of it. I’ve heard it can be a sign of candida but I’m not sure it that’s true or not. Also i’ve heard its related to the body detoxing. My daughter’s was much easier to get rid of because my son won’t let me pick it off! He still has a little bit at age 3 but his hair growth is fine.

    Thanks again for your videos I am really enjoying them and having a bit of catch up as its been a bit crazy with Christmas here but i’m in England and as you said on the video its not easy to escape the madness of it all here – it sounds blissful in Equador.

    • I hope you don’t mind, Maddy (or Angela!), that I will answer (partially) to your questions..
      Wow! I command you for letting your girl wean at that age!! Amazing! I also intend to let my son wean by himself and I am wondering at what age that will be – but oh boy, 9 years?? and tandem?? and going strong with the second child?? wow…!
      Your questions:
      Firstly, I remember Angela and Matt saying at one point in the past that they had telephone line internet. And where they live it is possible that they have no problem with environment wi-fi and mobile phones radiation as they live in a quite pristine place.. The most you can minimize that, the better. In the western world (I live at the moment in Holland) , even if you have nothing in your house, your space is probably full of the wifi from the neighbors, the mobile radiations and so on. I understand there are some things you can acquire that would bring the radiation down, as for example grounding devices, or anti radiation things. I am not really aware of more options but you could maybe look into that.
      Secondly, I was kinda in the same position as you a year and a half ago, as I was breastfeeding my two year old when I decided to start with raw food.. As I am also a kind of an extremist (like Matt says he is), as soon as I decided I kinda went cold turkey (cold cucumber, like David Wolfe would say:-P) and I stopped with cooked food, against my fears that it would affect my milk (supply and constitution).. I thought at the time: a) better out than inside me, and b) that my son was getting all kind of bad things via my milk anyway..
      I must say, that was not the wisest decision I have ever made:-), as the detox was quite immediate and quite horrendous.. For both my son and me..
      So I instantly read everything I could get on the subject and, while dealing with the last effects of my last extremist move (while I promised myself to never ever do such extreme things again, not while I still breastfeed and not while I am a single mother and need to be able to take care of my son at all times), I started with an easier and less detox-giving method, in order to clean myself internally but not so suddenly. And it works like a charm, I lost also some extra weight I was carrying around, I have lots and lots and lots more energy, better hair, nails, skin, you know, all the promised lot:-)
      In the last year and a half I worked gradually to around 90% raw and my son goes along in this, we are very very healthy and happy.
      All that with green smoothies and juices. I can tell you more if you like, just let me know..
      much love

  8. Also I forgot to say thanks for sharing about your breastfeeding problems and sorry to hear that you had so much pain but welldone for getting through it and coming out to the other side! I started breastfeeding over 9 years ago now and I’d completely forgotton how painful it was (it wasn’t so bad 2nd time around as I was tandem feeding with my 6 yr old by then and nipples were very used to it!) With my 2nd child I had problems of a very fast let down and my newborn not coping with this and got colicy! He was literally drowning in milk! So although not painful it was still a problem. All settled down after a few months and its been worth all the tears, pain and frustration – i had forgotton about it all until now.

  9. Hello Angela, or someone that might be helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have checked out the links and I didn’t think it was helpful to me, unless I’m mistaking how to use the links, but one link is about tubes, and one link seems to be about being a massage therapist…

    I have searched and search for colonic unit, but I don’t know other terms than that. It seems that what is out there is enema or colonic boards.

    I’m trying to figure out a system we could build my husband and I, as we have our 7 kids and we are starting to think that it would be much better to build a system/unit that seems more like a colonic rather than our usual almost daily enemas.

    The enema board idea doesn’t seem to fit with the bathrooms we have, as we do not have the space for the chair etc… plus we’d like to find a way to do something more relaxing, where maybe if my husband or my daughter does an enema, I could be the massage provider (belly, legs etc…), I was wondering if any of you have any links or ideas about something else than enema boards?
    (maybe I’ll just have to become a Colonic girl and get my own business haha, then I’ll get my own table) ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks, I would appreciate any help.


    Thanks for sharing Angela, and YES, you are reflecting much love as you chose to provide in pain to the one who needs you such as your child. It’s endearing to know other mums learn to share above our own comforts, even though sometimes it is excrutiatingly painlful, and I know well why also people easily quit, not because it just hurts, but because nobody has trained us to be strong, to be OK for the time being, that it would pass, and that it would be alright. We are usually ignorant until we question. Thanks for your heart Sis!

  10. Just wanted to tell anyone who sees this that a great remedy for Cradle Cap is making a paste of baking soda with water and leaving that on the scalp for a few minutes, massage it into the scalp then rinse. I repeated this 3 days in a row and got rid of my babyยดs mild case and it has not returned. It has been several months. I saw this on the Earth Clinic site.

  11. Love it. We don’t celebrate most holidays (Halloween, Easter, Father’s/Mother’s Day, etc.) We are working on Christmas, but celebrating Thanksgiving. It’s hard to decide what stays and goes with little ones.

  12. ok, I thought for sure there was something wrong with me when I also experienced horrendous pain at the beginning of my breastfeeding journey with my son. it lasted well over 2 months! Birthing is easy compared to breastfeeding. Nevertheless I had the joy of breastfeeding him until he was almost 2 and now that he is 3 He still jokingly asks to eat “booby”. Now I am pregnant again I am excited to go at it again even though I realize it might be just as painful again. I now know that it has an end ๐Ÿ™‚

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