Toddler Chasing Kittens!

Oria is having huge fun playing with our new kittens (Zella, 4 months and Simba, 2.5 months)… 😉 The kittens are thankfully very forgiving and playful…and no animals were harmed in the filming of this video… 😉


All love,
Angela. xxx

6 thoughts on “Toddler Chasing Kittens!

  1. oh god-that was sooo cute! the last bit at 3.10-too funny! Oria is so pretty, love her little hair at the front, in a braid or something-whatever its adorable.

  2. She is so alert and alive. It’s interesting, how my daughter who was born in July 2011 is very much into liking animals as well. Oria behaves just like her. Some of my other kids just weren’t into animals. Keep enjoying this time with her Matt and Angela, it’s great!

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