My Top Parenting DVD Choices!

Today I speak abt my favourite DVDs for pregnancy/birth/early parenting (and beyond…) – enjoy :)


(We sell a lot of these DVDs on our site,

All love,
Angela. xxx

3 thoughts on “My Top Parenting DVD Choices!

  1. Thank you for sharing your favorite DVDs. The educational version of Elena’s video, Birth As We Know It, is undoubtedly one of the most important videos an expectant couple can watch! There is a series of audio interviews that are extremely important, too, and I think you’ll enjoy them. The series (three DVD) is called “What Babies Want.” The first interview is with Joseph Chilton Pearce, PhD (author of The Magical Child and many other wonderful books), entitled “Encoded Wisdom.” The second is with Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD, a pioneer in pre- and perinatal psychology, called “Wondrous Beginnings, and the third is with David Chamberlain, PhD, called “Babies Have a Working Mind (author of Babies Remember Their Birth and Windows to the Womb.” These are available from Hana Peace Works, PO Box 681, Los Olivos, CA 93441 USA ( Another important audio tape is Pleasure, Pain and the Developing Brain – Audio Download, with Gabor Mate, Barbara Findeisen, James Prescott, and Michael Mendizza, which you can download for free from NOCIRC’s 20-minute educational DVD featuring Dr. Dean Edell, “Circumcision: Make the Informed Decision,” is an important educational tool for anyone who believes the circumcision decision belongs to the parents. Interviews with men and women make evident the harmful short- and long-term effects of circumcision and the importance of respecting the rights of the child to bodily integrity and personal choice.

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