Q&A : Supplements for Pregnancy/Breastfeeding, Skin/Hair Routines, Labour & More…

Today I answer more of your questions, covering topics such as the supplements I took during pregnancy and take now as a “full-term” breastfeeding mama, the skin/hair care routines of myself and our daughter, my feelings during labour and more…


Enjoy 🙂
All love,
Angela. xxx

6 thoughts on “Q&A : Supplements for Pregnancy/Breastfeeding, Skin/Hair Routines, Labour & More…

  1. Hi Angela,
    thanks for an informative video and wisdom:-)
    this film still has two black strips on the side but this video is more clear and beautiful!! I like this camera:-)
    about having Oria be present at the eventual birth of a second child.. at three years they still demand a lot of attention:-) my son is now 3 and a half and while he does not grow with two peaceful and enlightened parents like you (he only has one, me:-P) he is definitely more demanding of my attention than ever before..!! (to my amazement).. Maybe others can comment on this subject as I see a lot of children like that in our environment.. then again, there are (sadly) few to none content attached children around us..
    much love

  2. Wow. A lot of great information! I have about 15 tabs opened (I often google search as you share and then I have loads of good links to further explore!) Your clarity of presentation is always wonderful, by the way! …
    Also, I wanted to share that when I was 12 years old, I was “that older child” who was the go-to person for a darling 3 year old little girl who’s mama was giving birth! The parents welcomed us to be there for the birth (a home birth), but also said, please just do what the little girl wants to do. If she wants to play outside, then play outside… etc. Thankfully she wanted to witness the birth! So, it was (needless to say) an amazing experience for both of us (at 12 and 3)!
    Blessings to you Angela and thank you so much for continued open and honest offerings based on your incredible personal experiences, knowledge and wisdom.

  3. I am particularly interested in your reasons for an age gap of a minimum of three years… Can you elaborate? My daughter is two months older than Oria and I instinctively feel an age gap of 3-5 years is right for both her and me. I’m very interested in any developmental reasonings you may have. Apologies if you have already discussed this somewhere, can you point me in the right direction if you have…

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