Toddler Emptying Mama’s Bag and Playing Recorder!

Here’s a couple of little clips of Oria this weekend emptying everything she can out of mama’s bag, then playing on my old recorder from when I was a child… 😉 (Not sure what people call recorders in the rest of the world…? Maybe some kind of “flute”…? In the UK they’re “Recorders”…)
N.B the brown mark on her forehead is Pili Nut Chocolate…and I’m not sure yet why she says “yes” in Russian (“da”), rather than English or Spanish… 😉
Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 4.18.15 PM


All love,
Angela. xxx

3 thoughts on “Toddler Emptying Mama’s Bag and Playing Recorder!

  1. Yes, indeed! In France we also say “flute”. That is cute to see Oria getting into everything! Mom, aren’t you amazed at the energy and how toddlers get into everything and find the “littlelest” things to get out of a purse, corner or furniture? My little 18 months old is un-tirering. She keeps her 6 sibblings after her. She is on the run all day long. I’m so glad (at 38) I have little helpers around for her. Comparing with my first 4 kids and how I raised them in their early years, raw food (or mostly raw) for toddlers keeps their energy up (especially if ya don’t use TV for baby sitting). This keeps their little mind creative and agile I think, because their little bodies don’t have to work too hard to digest. I think it’s really neat.
    It was fun to see Oria! Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings Angela! ❤

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