Oria 15 Month Update!

Today I share a little update abt our daughter Oria, at 15 months of age…sleeping/eating habits, Elimination Communication (“Diaper-Free”) at this stage, her current vocabulary, interests and more – such a fun age – enjoy šŸ™‚
(P.S. Mr. M pointed out to me that I’d forgotten three other words from her current vocab: “mud”, “captain” (she has a toy captain in the bath) and “coche” (Spanish for “car”).)…

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 2.08.06 PM


All love,
Angela. xxx

One thought on “Oria 15 Month Update!

  1. My son was also obsessed with shoes (and with throwing clothes on the floor) at that age:-) And later. I use to find the shoes everywhere, one of the places – the fridge:-)
    Thank you for this loving update, I smiled all the time.
    much love to you guys and Oria (and good birth to your horse that’s going to have a baby)

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