Q&A: Living Abroad, Vitamin C, Night-Time Parenting, Baby Sign Language and More…!

Today I answer some more of your Qs…ENJOY 🙂

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All love,
Angela. xxx

5 thoughts on “Q&A: Living Abroad, Vitamin C, Night-Time Parenting, Baby Sign Language and More…!

  1. Wow, so much thanks for sharing! I am amazed at how many things I can relate to, although I have a son (not a daughter) and he is growing in another sort of experience (we live in a town in a Western Europe country).
    For example: I found out about elimination communication about one year after he was born and, being a single mom and at that moment quite trapped in a not so empowering situation, I would’ve probably not have chosen to do that, even if I knew about it.. Since a few weeks ago my son decided to become diaper free. Because I raise him very free and I use attachment parenting and probably something like 90% of the principles you use (from what I could make from your stories), he is, at almost 4, very aware of his choices. I was very happy that he decided himself to use the toilet. In the beginning we had a few nights that he peed in his sleep and I could very much relate to what you said about your rush to change everything before he would totally wake up:-)
    And my son has also some “formulas” that he says when he is awake and ready to go, as opposed to when he is still a bit asleep and I can put him back to sleep (with giving breast).
    We also co-sleep and I also could relate to the 4.30 oh noooo!:-)
    Also Vitamin C that you use helped me a lot. Just great. It works every time although I must say, since I am like 90% raw (almost 2 years now) I almost never get any of these symptoms – and I used to be sick almost all the time and get all the flu kinds available:-) Bless the greens!:-)

    • Oh yes, and I also did the beginning with baby signage and letting it go.. 🙂 My son was also not very interested in it although he could understand me, and then he started talking.. I guess it was also because we were together all the time, I carried him around until he was more than 2 years old and I could see and understand all his cues. We also are quite telepathic with each other.. I almost never needed him to tell me if everything was the matter because somehow I always knew (only lately, now he is more independent, I miss a lot of what he is doing and I need explanations – and now he is also very much able to provide it), even if I missed what just happened..
      Also, I suppose that telepathy is a “out there” idea for most people but I think all the children are very telepathic (and, to say something maybe even more “out there”, I believe that is how they learn the languages, especially in the beginning) and if the connection with the caregiver works (happily it did in our case) I guess that they do not see the reason for signage..

  2. It is so nice to hear more about your lifestyle and that was really funny about Oria and the wet hair! Thanks for keeping all your answers real, I love that about you guys. It’s easy to relate to you! Nice wisdom shared!

  3. Hello Angela,
    I enjoy all your life tid bits that you share.
    In regards to the vitamin C, how much per glass do you use? Also, will it cause loose bowel movements?
    Thank you and God Bless You!!!

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