Oria 16 Month Update!

Today I share an update on our daughter Oria at 16 months – her current favourite things, her habits, her new words, some pics and a little video clip of her too… (I would *love* to film more of her to share with y’all – however, she’s not at an “easy” age for this, right now…as soon as she sees a video camera, she wants to grab it and…that’s that… 😉 So, hopefully more footage of her in the coming months…we’ll see 😉 ENJOY 🙂

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 3.48.01 PM


All love,
Angelalalalaaaaaaaaa. xxx

4 thoughts on “Oria 16 Month Update!

  1. thanks Angela for sharing this- I agree with another comment posted on you tube, re string the necklace and you could pass it down to Oria. Lovely thought.

  2. Wow Angela, thank you for the update about Oria:-)
    I might sound like a broken record but my son used to do like 70% of what you say Oria is doing – it’s amazing!! The creme and putting it on himself and others, the clothes, me doing yoga or stuff not related to him, the dancing (with shamanic moves!).. Still, my son loved less pictures of himself but he wanted to see films with himself over and over again: for like 1 year and a half I could not take a film of him without him asking to hold the camera or the telephone in the same time..:-)
    I never kept such a thorough track of my son as you do of Oria, besides by filming him, so thank you for keeping up with it. I also discovered that letting my son do whatever he needed to do for as long as he needed to, even if it was not my first choice, he’ll grow naturally out of it after a while..One example, when he started to eat “real” food at about 8-9 month, he really was into throwing everything on the floor, in small or big pieces.. I had to heed all my “eat nicely” and “food is not to be thrown on the floor” kinda thoughts and eventual feelings of frustration – and after a while he stopped finding it interesting and now (at 4, but already since he was 2) he eats even more coordinately and more neatly than any other people around, even grown ups (who probably were not aloud to throw their food on the floor, I suppose..:-) )
    ..And about your necklace (maybe not related to Oria but to you it’s a big change), maybe it says it is time for you to birth a new you, just like you did when you put it on…:-) Or maybe it’s time to let that rule go, of wearing something only until it breaks.. I kinda understand what you go through because I also had something very dear to me, that I wore for 15 years, and one evening it got stolen (long story) – and it was breaking my heart.. I secretly hoped that I will find it for sale – as it was recognizable – but I did not.. I did find other things that looked like it but at one point I took it as a sign that I should let go of that self that got comfort out of it and embrace a new identity.. Of course, you are the only one to decide what kind of sign the broken necklace is to you..:-) and you could also consider that it is not the jade that is broken – only the cord that held it around your neck – and transform the jade into something else..It is about wisdom and you have tons of it, sooooo…:-)
    much love to you guys

  3. Even if your daughter is so lovable, I think that it is not a good idea to film her. So many eyes on her ! So many different minds, energies, etc. If she was my child, I never film her. Never. Blessings. Your hair is cute and your teeth very nice.

  4. Thankyou for sharing your video, I love interactive parenting. I wish all new parents could watch this as it breaks my heart when I see children being raised in negative feedback. I was like you, I enjoyed playing with my sons, now 33 and 27, and I still have a wonderful relationship with them today. Your little darling is a very lucky girl, keep up the good work.

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