Interview with 20+ year Raw Foodist, Kate Magic!

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Kate Magic, 20+ year raw foodist, mother, writer, author, artist, chef, DJ and much more…she shares with us about her new book, raising her children raw and what that looks like as they become teenagers, her journey into healthier living, her typical daily intake now, tips for helping children to eat more healthily and much more – ENJOY!

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 11.50.54 AM


All love,
Angelalalalaaaaaa. xxx

2 thoughts on “Interview with 20+ year Raw Foodist, Kate Magic!

  1. I had seen Kate via you, in the early years followed her a bit read a book or two of hers…..except or the poor reception it was a very enjoyable and interesting video, you enjoyed each other, it showed. 🙂

  2. Really interesting how different a lot of raw foodist eat. My husband and myself included.
    And also, how few fully raw pregnancies there are + children that are all raw. It’s feels like a blessings for me that you are role modeling the possibilities of all raw pregnancy + children, Angela.
    And great interview!

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