Oria 21 Month Update!

Our dear little loveblossom has been here 21 months today ;0 She just gets funnier and funnier every day 😉 We love her so much…here’s my 21-month update on our daughter Oria…enjoy 🙂

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 11.27.09 AM


All love,
Angela. xxx

2 thoughts on “Oria 21 Month Update!

  1. Hello dearest Mama Angela
    I’m a grandmother that doesn’t get to see my grandson much…so I really enjoy the window you’ve open up to us all!
    So your ((((*durian cake*)))) was a dried cherry based? Are u gonna share the recipe?
    I did get to see my 9 yro. grandson for 2 days …my children are the closet reflection God yes?
    As far as havin younger children w older I’m not sure of that. More so…around teenager time.. where one might influenced prematurely by another older teenager thats into more mature thots & activitys (boys ect.)
    Yet that stuff does happens naturally with siblings.
    Anyhow thks for sharing your party….and hopefully you’ll share your yummers cake recipe one day hee hee ~~ Lady with the Braid~~

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