I Knitted Oria a Blanket!

SO excited to share that I’ve just finished a huge knitted blanket I’ve been working on for Oria for 4 months!

I *love* it…and she seems to like it too… ;0

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 8.05.17 AM


All love,
Angelalalalaaaaaa. xxx

5 thoughts on “I Knitted Oria a Blanket!

  1. Hi Angela:)
    I had emailed you some time ago asking you a juicing question,
    and you were kind enough to answer me!

    I have to tell you i loved this video.
    I am an avid knitter and while i can crochet about as well
    and sometimes do, i mostly knit.
    I love most things kniterly :).
    I as many knitters would appreciate details!
    Maybe you can have a special section talking knitting,
    as im sure some of your viewers are not as interested
    as we are LOL.
    Can you tell me the Brand of yarn you used
    and the needle size, did you use straights
    or circular & were your needles wood or metal
    etc. I really like the ebony wooden needles.
    Some wood needles can be pricey.
    Although i mostly use Inox (Prym) ( pearl grey finish).

    Right now im working on mitered squares in a warm palate.
    I usually have many projects going at once. LOL.

    Best to you & your family.

    • Wow ;0 I’m definitely no knitting connoisseur …however, I can tell you this: the wool is from Peru, from a company called Tren…and I used straight metal size 8 needles that I’ve had since I was a child ;0 ❀ ❀ ❀ xxx

      • im not familiar with that brand of yarn but will look it up :)….
        one needs to start somewhere knit-wise, and your on ur way πŸ™‚
        size 8 metal, ok, thats a popular size πŸ™‚
        Godblessusall πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Angela, it’s Natacha!

    WOW!!!!!!!!! AN-GE-LA!!!
    It is MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Une couverture sublime!
    I LOVE IT!

    You did such a great job, and also the video, I could really feel like it was happening to me. I kept feeling nervous for you, and telling you that it’ll be alright and you are going to do a great job etc….

    The blanket is SO SO SO gorgeous. You are so cute about it all. I have been doing crochet for quite a while, and then started showing my kids, all four of them can crochet but my last three toddlers yet.

    I think the blanket is so heavy and Oria will love it. Any time I’ve bought or made wool things, I think the kids like it more.
    There’s something about wool. (We are trying to get our sheep on our land, I can’t wait to have our own hand made yarn some day).

    Matt is so funny. He’s such a perfectionist haha. My mom had a knitting machine (professional one) and she made us “pullovers” growing up. That was fun.

    Well, you are doing a great job. Make one for me two. I’ll take gray and pink! πŸ™‚

    Lots of love and blessings your ways guys!


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