Ideal Nutrition for Raw/Vegan Mamas and Children!

Today I share a fun little video chat with our dear sister-in-raw, Shazzie 🙂

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 1.34.42 PM

We talk abt her upcoming 1-day live raw food event in England in November, her best guidance for optimal nutrition for pregnant/breastfeeding mamas and young children, (especially for vegan/raw families), my recent mama-hood journey with Oria, manifesting your ideal life, free-range children and freedom to explore, getting out of our boxes, releasing our patterns, family constellations and generational healing and much more – enjoy :))) (Heads up: there’s a tiny little delay on the line for the call, it’s very minimal though… 😉 
…and in case you didn’t already hear the deets, Shazzie is holding an absolutely fabulous 1-day raw food event in England on November the 9th and *you’re* invited :)))

This is the first live event that Shazzie has offered in quite some time and promises to be a cracker… ;0 Learn tried-and-tested favourite raw food recipes, dive into a gourmet raw food lunch, luxuriate in a raw chocolate workshop, live it up with dancing, mus!c, raffles, caroline_chocs_experience.pnggames and cocktails and so much more… ;0

ALL day from 11am to midnight, on Nov the 9th in Sussex, England (where I’m from ;0 …)

…and guess what…if you sign up for this super-fun event, we’ve thrown in some extra spec!al goodies for you to lush over, including *f*ree* copies of Mr. M’s and my most recent and best-selling ebraw_success.pngooks, Raw Success and Raw Emotions ($40.90 value), plus you’ll also get exclusive access to a 14% off c0upon c0de for any order at The Raw Food World… 🙂

To check out all the deets and sign up for this exclusive, one-day-only event with Shazzle-Dazzle herself, click over here:

All love, Angela. xxx

One thought on “Ideal Nutrition for Raw/Vegan Mamas and Children!

  1. From what I have read lately there have been some big shifts in the raw vegan movement, toward eggs / dairy at least for supporting developing children. Its always wonderful to hear Shazzie’s wisdom, but it also has burst my purist ideological bubble a little bit as she is such a definitive source on the subject.

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