Ask Me Anything – Q & A Intro!

I haven’t done a Q & A video for a long time… Lemme know your Qs in the comments below this video and I’ll aim to answer some soon – thanks :)))

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All love,

Angelalalaalaaaaaaa. xxx

14 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything – Q & A Intro!

  1. Thanks so very much for telling us about “Lionheart Herbs”. We’re enjoying the wonderful tonic effects of various herbs and feeling healthier and much more energy.
    How are you, your family and friends doing with your own selections of Herbs now?
    We send you OMNI LOVE and thanks for all you do to lift our spirits and health.

  2. Since I’ve been on a great journey for the past four years, which began with transforming my health through diet, I’ve received major revelations and downloads which have emerged quite unexpectedly. Throughout your personal journey over the years, do you experience major downloads of information on a regular basis which inspire you to transform the way you shape your life as an artistic being? If so, I would love it if you’re willing to share with us your most recent revelation or inspiration, something that is to you earth shaking and brilliant.

    Also, I hope this isn’t too personal, but I am very curious since you’ve mentioned it on Oria updates. Being that you have the most lovely voice, do you wonder why or have any theories regarding why Oria doesn’t want you to sing for her? I am confused, it seems like the most natural thing for her to want to hear the beautiful sound of her mother’s voice.

  3. Thank you Angel-a for giving us this opportunity to “Q” u 🙂 I have an infinite amount of questions but will do my best to keep it all reasonable:)
    I am a mother of a soon to be 21 month old boy, Leo. First of all, I wonder how you handle situations in which you are in the world and well meaning people try offering your little one chips, candies, etc? What lessons do you teach Oria in these situations? Do you use the word “no” or “not allowed” or “bad”? Does Oria want for these processed foods/ “forbidden” foods because she sees other children eating them? (this has happened with Leo) How would you react (besides being grossed out) to your little one eating cat food or a cockroach? lol (leo has done both)
    Do you guys interact with only like minded people or also expose your little one to public parks/places/playgrounds? …..same applies to media (although Oria still too young.. for future) Censor or guide through? How do you maneuver your way through all this? As a parent i find this to be the biggest balance.. expose child to world yet protect from the world.
    Also, I would like to ask a question about getting your menstruation cycle while breastfeeding… i have still not gotten mine.. is this “normal” and what is it like (from what you heard or from your own experience) to get it again after such a long time? Do children react differently to a menstruating mother – a little weird question but where else can I ask 🙂 ? and do you have special dietary advise for menstruating/lactating women? Lastly, Leo munches on chlorella tablets as if they were candy, in your experience what would you say is a safe dose for little ones?
    Thank you so much for all the beautiful vibes you broadcast into our world!
    blessings n much love !!!

  4. Hi Angela, thanks for being so open and receiving- beautiful quality.
    I’m curious when you have family stay, how does the eating/food go about, as I’m assuming yours and Matt’s parents are not raw and eat animal products?. So how do they eat when they stay at your home-are they able to cook and prepare their own meals or do you and Matt not ‘allow’ it if it was cooked and/or animal products-hate to use that word or phrase it that way, but I trust you now what I mean. thank you

  5. I was just reading through all the questions posted on you tube…. i felt some ugliness and harshness.. people are all over the place but yet you never seem condescending, mean or judgmental. I really admire this. it must be hard for you to do what you do and i would just like to thank you for putting yourself out there. ❤ your so good at doing what you do and you have a lovely smile:)

  6. Angelalala lol thanks for your videos and sharing! Because of this we were able to have an hour birth at home just husband and I! Feel so much support from your family so thank you! God bless you all! Looking forward to listening your answers.

  7. Could you say something about your spiritual beliefs? Have you been raised in a particular spiritual or religious tradition? How would you describe your spirituality and how it has developed over the years? One more thing that might or might not be related to this question: I recall how you once referred to an idea that you woke up with in the morning as something that “came through”. Where did it go through and where had it been before it did so? 😉 Much love from here!

  8. Hello Angela, i agree with julia, thank you for all your information that you so openly share i am so happy i found out about you just before my daughter was born. In some ways i find my daughter has many similarities to oria, bless her.
    Do you look after Oria full time during the day, is matt with you, does he look after her sometimes alone? do you trust a carer to sometimes help you to look after her if you need to lie down. what are the things which fill your cup up.
    How do you deal with non vegan people around Oria? Do you feel not too isolated where you live?
    How has your relationship with mat changed since Oria’s arrival? How did you do for breastfeeding 50% at 2 to replenish your energies.
    Would love to meet you one day 🙂
    Love and Light your way
    xxx Géraldine

  9. Angela,

    I have been a long time blog reader and have just given birth to my first child. A beautiful daughter named Kayla May. My question for you, because you are so far ahead with your Oria experience is, what type of baby food did you start her out with when she transitioned from breast milk to purée? What types of veggies and fruits did she take to and what recipes can you share. Do I need special equipment for the kitchen?

    Thanks so much for your inspiring mothering!


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