Healthy Pregnancy and Healthy Eats for New Mamas – Interview with Joanna Steven!

Recently I was blessed to interview author, nutrition coach and mama, Joanna Steven, on the topics of healthy pregnancy and how to eat healthily as a new mama!

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Joanna’s wonderful ebooks on pregnancy and breastfeeding are currently on sale at The Raw Food World for just $10 each!

Well Rounded – The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Raw Food Pregnancy –

The Milky Way –

2-Pack of Well Rounded and Milky Way –


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Q & A Responses!

Recently I asked for your Qs for me to A…there were hundreds of Qs submitted and today I started to answer some of them…I discuss babywearing a toddler, toddler nursing habits, if I miss anything abt living in the UK, how to handle low milk supply if breastfeeding and much more…enjoy 🙂

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