Another Baby Monarch On The Way!

Yep, in case you didn’t already hear, I’m very excited to share that I’m currently around 7 months pregnant again 🙂 Today I share a little video update on how this pregnancy has been going so far – enjoy 🙂



All love,
Angelalalaaaaa. xxx

12 thoughts on “Another Baby Monarch On The Way!

  1. Congratulations to you both. I was wondering with you were pregnant, months ago before the belly showed up. You were looking differently, gorgeous and glowing.My best wishes for the whole family!

  2. Thank you for the video! You are amazing.

    I used cardamom seeds for heart burn and they worked super well! I just chewed the whole seeds. hope it helps…

  3. I have just received the news about your twins.
    Sending lots of LOVE to you, to Matt and to Oria.
    Sending you all my love and my tenderness.

  4. Sending love and tenderness to you and your family from Norway. It broke my heart receiving the news about your baby twins. Thinking about you. Warm hugs and kisses

  5. To the Stokes-Monarch family, we send you love and strength during this sensitive time. On a soul level all things are here to support us and are sent to us as gifts but on a physical level that can be hard to see and feel as true while going through it. Angela, I send you compassion during your time of crisis. May you give yourself the time and space to fully heal. Take comfort in the truth that you are supported by so many (via energy). May you grow stronger through this experience, expand more in love, and be connected with the truth and power of your soul. May all these messages and intentions of love and support reach you (energetically) and serve as a blanket to comfort you while you weather this storm. Because after the storm, comes the rainbow! I send my prayers and may you be with the gift.
    Life is sacred… I honor the two souls you carried. Their time was brief but their impact was and will continue to be substantial. Many Blessings!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss Angela, Matt and Oria. If it may be of comfort to you I would like to share this : I, too have experienced such loss in August 2009(felt numb) and went on to have my son in March 2012(truly a miracle:). I feel very fortunate to be blessed with one healthy child and continue to acknowledge and honour my son’s older sibling in the spirit world(I have a feeling you’ll be doing the same Angela:). Time is a healer wishing you all an abundantly-healthy and bright future filled with endless love-filled possibilities. You are in my thoughts and prayers, God bless dear ones.

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