My New Online Project!

Early last year, I was struck with a fun idea for a new project to share online, so we dug in deep and created this cool new app to share with you all! The inspiration was to create an online zodiac tool unlike any other… I realised that it wasn’t possible to find a person’s personal results for the 6 main different zodiac systems simultaneously anywhere… Furthermore, it’s rare to find quality zodiac results online at no cost – often you have to pay for your personal results. Well, with the help of our genius tech guys, we’re now able to bring you the unique, fabulous and absolutely fre*e, where you can get your own personal results in 6 different zodiac systems instantly, at no cost!

Simply enter your date of birth into this simple yet powerful new app and with one click the powerful engine behind the scenes gathers up your sign and characteristics from 6 different zodiac systems simultaneously, presenting the results for you to display wherever you like!

Check out my personal Zodiac Map below! This is so much fun!


Sound like me…? 😉

Not only is it so much fun to check out your results…if you also share your results on Facebook, it will help us with our business greatly and we’ll be very grateful! Please do support us by sharing your results to Facebook. It’s really easy… Once you generate your results, simply press the Facebook share button and voila :).

ZodiacMap is also a very cool way to quickly get an overview of someone else’s personality who you’re maybe considering working with or have just met…all you need to know is their date of birth and in an instant you can get an interesting sketch of who they really are…

Check out this super-fun, fre*e new app and share it with your loved ones today:

In addition to sharing your Zodiac Map on Facebook, you can also use your personal “map” as your desktop image, or you can even get it printed on various personal items such as mugs, glasses, bags, t-shirts and even postage stamps!

I’m personally obsessed with getting ZodiacMap mugs printed right now…I’ve had a bunch of different styles made already with my, Mr. M’s and Oria’s personal maps (see picture below) and these items have become the favored drinking vessels for everyone in our house. I’m also getting these mugs made as gifts for everyone I can think of; so if you’re anticipating a birthday gift from me this year – spoiler alert – it’s probably going to be a ZodiacMap mug 😉

Check out this super-fun, fre*e new app and share it with your loved ones today:

All love,
Angela. xxx