Massive Mandala: The Year Of The Horse

Recently I finished another massive mandala project, using only items found on our land. This piece turned out to represent significant energies for me, regarding the challenges of the last year…


All love,
Angela. xxx

3 thoughts on “Massive Mandala: The Year Of The Horse

  1. Looking at The Mandala gave me such a beautiful feeling of serenity and tranquility.
    joy .loye and harmony

  2. Sorry, but your new emblem you created tests very weak energetically. You need to have 7 points instead of the 6 you created to make it very strong and useful. good luck to you.

  3. Beautiful work… I was also born on the year of the horse. I have been inspired by your mandalas, and would like to try creating some of my own. We’re moving into a camper and a mandala would be a perfect addition to decorate it with our energy! 🙂

    I also make jewelry and I am contemplating the idea of making mini mandalas with seed bead embroidery, to wear as pendants. I’d love to share if I get around to doing it!

    Lots of love…


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