Conscious Uncoupling – My Perspective

Many people have been asking me lately to share “my side of the story” about Matt and I splitting. Here is a little video below explaining my perspective on this big, unexpected recent life shift…

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 4.10.38 PM


All love receiving,
Angela. xxx


One thought on “Conscious Uncoupling – My Perspective

  1. I separated from my husband a year ago after being together for 27 years (we met at 16 years old) and we have too used this book. Although it’s been a difficult time as a family, we are Still a family and my ex husband and I are still best friends. Like yourselves, we still holiday together, spend our weekends together and I feel so grateful that we all still have each other in our lives. Like yourself, I am being positive about my future, am enjoying my 3 children (who are unschooled too) and dare I say it.. have started to feel excited about my future again.
    All the best on your journey Angela.

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