2 thoughts on “Why I No Longer Eat Raw Vegan!

  1. Dear Angela,just watched your video,I have been vegetarian since 1984 and vegan since 2000.I did the raw vegan for a little while but now I do eat some cooked food  like lentils and quinoa.There are many restaurants in my neighbourhood and many of them are  very aware of healthy eating.Middle Eastern food which is delicious and heart friendly because of the olive oil they use. .I am very strict on organic foods because of Mother Earth I do not hurt her in any way.I love fresh red chillies, ginger,and cir cumin .Gluten Free bread and rolls and also some raw  wraps and delicious nut cheese made out of cashew nuts.All this is available in Health food shops. lot of salads most days and I enjoy them very much. As David Wolfe would say "Have the best day ever" lots of love,light,joy,peace,grace and harmony. sincerely fatima lachporia. email address:gypsyvegan2011@bell.net

  2. Thank you so much Angela for sharing! I’ve always felt really connect to you and have fallowed you for awhile now! I first came to raw foods almost 8 years ago inspired by my brother- he told me to check out Matt Monarchs videos and he was great but I was so inspired by you and the magic you hold! So I watched all your videos that would come out and read your blogs- I even did the 92 day juice fast with your e book! 2 years ago I got very ill after being vegan for some time, amongst many other things it seamed like my digestion was getting more and more sensitive, my joints became weak and my mental stability was wavering- it felt like I had lost my grounding rod for my thoughts and feelings. I went to a doctor that urged me to eat meat again so I tried it having nothing left to lose and within a week my body started healing- my mind and my digestion seamed to calm and ground and function properly. It blew my mind! Now I’m on mostly a keto diet because it feels best right now still having all the salads and veggies along with some goat dairy, fish, poultry and every once in awhile red meat when I naturally crave it. It’s crazy how amazing I feel now. I was like wow is this what being human is supposed to feel like? Anyways I am so happy you shared this and I to feel it should be shared more just personal real story’s of peoples journey with diet. It seams like no one really knows what the body actually needs so we need to go on experience at this point.
    You have always really inspired me with how you’ve created your own little businesses, how you raise your kids and your envisioning manifestations, amongst many other things! So thank you for still updating us and being on here. You are a pretty awesome authentic person I wish there were more of!
    Much love! Amanda

    P.s – I’d love to hear more about your business endeavors and what you are doing in your community and what your spiritual path is like now and how it has developed!

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