Welcome to Glow With Grace. My name is Angela Stokes-Monarch. I intend to share vlogs here about my new life as a mama to our dear daughter Oria, plus videos on other topics that interest me like Non-Violent Communication (NVC), healing/”spiritual” connection, attachment/”natural” parenting, singing, raw food and much more – thanks for coming to visit šŸ™‚


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  1. beautiful first video, angela, i love your energy!! i’ll be a regular visitor here, wishing you the best of luck with your new endeavor. xxxooo judy g

  2. Angela, I’m so pleased to see this is a project you are pursuing.

    I am French Native from France, pardon my english if it’s clumsy. I do not usually write online to comments, but I felt lead to take a risk and become vulnerable as I see you being willing to do so as well. I hope I might be an encouragement or maybe a help if this is so meant to be.

    I’m happy for you and Matt and Oria, although my ulterior motive is self-centered. I have been watching you and Matt since June 2010. Since I have 7 children on earth tween the age of 16 years to 14 months old, I had been praying that you guys would be blessed with a child so I could learn even more how you do it. (I know this was selfishly desperate, right?)
    When I learned about Oria, I so rejoiced!

    You are diligently living with a purpose and purposely living and I really enjoy that. I birthed our last child at home on our own (07/19/11) after having eaten 70% raw food, and reading and learning about my body. I had had 3 prior C-Sections and my last two C-Sections were 14 months apart!
    To add to the stress or worries of doctors, nurses, family etc.., I was and still am overweight, and although most said I would possibly die (especially after the C/S), my body did it very well.

    When my OB did the test blood, he let me know that he had never in 20 years seen someone that had their vitamins so well, and especially the D one? He thought I was suntanning a lot, and I said I was not (I do very little sun body) but that I was eating mostly raw.

    I ended up with a 6 hours delivery total and the real work which is more intense was in the last hour and a half, right after I entered the birth pool because I wanted to relax since I was not opening up. As soon as I hit the water my body opened up and led me to receive our beautiful sleeping beauty, a 10 lb 1 oz little girl!

    She had been breached and turned around three times on me! My chiropractor adjusted me once and that was just few days before the birth, and his technique helped turning our baby!

    I had three vagina birth in the hospital and one without meds at all, and yet the home birth was completely different and empowering! I have NO ideas WHY the “civilized” countries think they are so smart and knowledgeable when in fact they can not respect women to utilize their body to their best abilities and the docs risk the lives of some many mamas and babies!

    I was chewed (out? up?) in the “ICAN” of Georgia, because I had naively let them know I was going to attempt to birth at home, and I was seeking as many information I could gather to be well and wisely prepared.
    This rejection and critical reaction was very hurtful, so I resolved to do it of my own (the Creator of the Universe brought confidence to me) and my two daughters and husband being present and assisting.

    It was challenging emotionally because truly I had to face the disconnection and unhappiness with others and family members but hindsight now, I would do it all over again! I do not care so much what people think of me now, especially the ones whom have not sacrificed or endured for a cause that is good and right.

    Our little girl is my only child that was brought up in a NON-invasive way. I had isolated myself because reality is that people who are trained in the conventional way (school, medias and more) truly fear and truly act upon fear, and so I chose to keep myself surrounded with few people whom would think positively and weren’t afraid. This people were my husband, kids, two friends, that is sadly all, but it was worth the sacrifice.

    Also, in the year 2002, I had worked at loosing my weight and in less than two years I had lost 105 pounds (starting at 248 lb) and maintained it until I re-started having children in 2008, and went back to a heavy 225-240 lb and had my 3 children in less than 4 years.
    The truth is that I did not need to gain this weight, and I alas did because of lack of self-control and also using food as my idol rather than to feed my organs.
    I’m struggling with weight now and digestive issues (liver/pancreas issues) and doing raw food more aggressively, with enemas, and hoping I can reverse things.

    I’m amazed to see how you did so well with your weight, and how YOU have WORKED at maintaining your choices. I have to say that I wondered if you would struggle and maybe the pregnancy would lead you to go back to the “old ways” but I am so glad that you did work through. You are an inspiration to me
    I read extensively and meditate but know now (this year of 2012) that I have emotional things holding me up about my past (anger, resentfulness, abuse etc…), and that this also needs to be tended too.

    I am working on this so I may help my kids see the transformation in me and lead them by example not just talk.
    Also so many people excuse themselves (as I have and still struggle through), justifying their weight, or why they can’t do colonic, or enemas, or cleansing or let go of certain foods, or teaching “difficult” children etc….
    The truth is I’m an true living example that it can be done. I was ignorant, am not well educated (finished school at 15), learned by reading, was/am overweight/fat, was not in the best shape, had a child last at 37 years old, have 7 children, have a “busy” life as well, have been divorced and re-married, have a small scoliosis, do un-schooling, have peer pressure because of our choices etc…
    Truth is, it’s do-able!

    You are a light, and I want to be one too in my household.

    I’m have been searching and changing my habits in the last 10 years and yet I still remain in my prison physically. (Fat as a protecting blanket) I am working now on preparing myself for detoxifying and especially working, meditating and finding peace in my broken soul so I can finally find freedom to let go, control my emotions and be the example I want for my kids and understand why I think or act the way I do.

    Thank you for sharing your life and practicing intimacy with people that you don’t even know. I understand your nervousness, and am grateful about your vulnerability, your willingness.

    In my house, I also apply similar rules. One of which is, if it doesn’t get passed my mail box because I sort my mail, I sort as well the people coming in, as I sort the philosophies or mindsets. We un-school our children, and we un-teach ourselves from the standards that are conventional.
    I’m so glad and look forward to your site that will reflect kindness, courtesy and love. It’s a change in this world.

    Blessings on you and Matt and Oria and your life’s choices and business and witnessing!
    Please, press on to let others know, there are other ways out there!
    I’m looking forward to getting to know you quietly from my house!

  3. Hi Angela!

    Loving the blog and so excited that you’re doing it!! šŸ˜€
    How can I send you a private message? I don’t have a facebook. Yet anyway. šŸ˜‰


  4. I’m a nursing full time mother of a 9 mo attachment parenting…I’m having the worst time getting the baby to be alone for naps in the crib…please help…so tired

  5. Hello angela,

    We simply love your blog and what you’re doing.
    Quick question on fasting:
    We regularly do nutritional fastings (all raw + all liquid) but now we would do one for the first time the birth if our youngest son (now 16 months) who I still breastfeed – partly. Just wanted to check w/ you what your thoughts are on possible adverse effects of such a detox on the breast feeding?
    Hope to hear your ideas,

  6. Hello, I am looking for a natural birth control cycle timer gadget I remember seeing somewhere ā€“ I thought mentioned by you, long ago ā€“ but nothing comes up on Google. Do you remember what I am referring to and could you provide a link to that and any other items of the like? Thank you! And Congratulations on your new baby!! So gorgeous : )

    • I think you’re referring to one of those things like “Clear Blue Ovulation Test” or “Persona”…I think there are various brands, depending on where you are in the world… Smthg to test whether you’re ovulating or not – can be used with the intention to either plan or prevent pregnancy, if you know when you’re ovulating šŸ˜‰ Hope this helps… xxx

      On Thu, Nov 3, 2016 at 9:37 PM, Glow With Grace wrote:


  7. Hello Angela!

    I just wanted to support you in everything that is going on. You seem to be such a lovely person and I have followed you from your early days. Oria and Leandra are absolute beautiful and precious.
    Best wishes for you!


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